Relationship Matter: How relational-based supports can make a positive difference in Alberta schools


Grounded in current and emerging research and best practice, including learnings from the 2009-17 Wellness, Resiliency and Partnerships (WRaP) Success Coach pilot project, this resource provides practical information and ideas for:

• understanding the importance of, and identifying strategies for, strengthening student-adult relationships across the school environment;

• guiding discussion, reflecting on practice and building a shared language around the concept of relational-based supports in schools and its potential for enhancing mental health and well-being, as well as improving student engagement and school success; and

• building shared understandings of the benefits and components of relational‑based supports within a comprehensive continuum of supports and services.

In 2021, Alberta’s government is re-introducing an enhanced WRaP program to help students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) across the province reach their full potential. This new program will work closely with experts in the FASD Networks to leverage the success of existing FASD initiatives and activities, partnering with school authorities to build and enhance capacity with Alberta’s educators. The specialized FASD supports embedded into the school’s continuum of supports and services ensure students with FASD are able to get the most out of their school community through engagement, academic success and enhanced social, emotional and physical well-being. A key component of this continuum are relational-based supports outlined in this resource.

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