Teachers’ Informal Learning in The Context of Development: Resources, Barriers, And Motivation

Çelik, Kazım, PhD, Çelik, Osman Tayyar, PhD, Kahraman, Ümit, PhD

DOİ: 10.52963/PERR_Biruni_V10.N2.05


This research focuses on teachers’ professional learning. In this context, the purpose of the research is to determine the informal learning resources, motivations and barriers in the learning process from the teachers’ perspective. In the research, one of the qualitative methods, basic qualitative research design was used. Participants of the study consisted of 21 teachers who were determined with maximum diversity sampling. Research data were collected through face-to-face interviews with the participants. The semi-structured interview form prepared by the researchers was used in the interviews. The data obtained as a result of the interviews were transferred to the computer program and analyzed by content analysis method.

Three themes were determined as a result of the analysis. These are informal learning resources, learning motivation and professional learning barriers. Teachers’ informal learning resources are divided into two sub-themes as interactive and personal, while learning motivation is divided into two subthemes as intrinsic and extrinsic sources of motivation. The barriers to the learning process are divided into four sub-themes. These are personal barriers, school-related barriers, work-related barriers, and barriers caused by central policies. Since teachers have different kinds of learning methods, creating the sources that support these methods, linking the teachers’
professional developments with their career progressions and averting the dilemmas caused by work and family perceptions and transforming the schools into learning environments are the
main suggestions made as a result of the research.

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