Resource: Get Ready, Do, Done

Executive Function is a set of mental skills and it includes the ability to plan and organize materials and complete tasks. Kristen Jacobsen (M.S., CCC/SLP) and Sarah Ward (M.S., CCC/SLP) from Cognitive Connections have developed the “Get Ready, Do, Done” approach to helping students plan and carry out activities in a timely fashion. In this video, Meredith Keery (M.Ed) from POPFASD models “Get Ready, Do, Done” in a Grade 5/6 Math class. This approach can be used for classrooms, in small groups, and individually.

In this video, Charlene Workman, an Education Assistant in BC, models an example of how the strategy, “Get Ready, Do, Done,” can be used.

About this Resource

These “Get Ready Do Done” worksheets created by School District 71 – in Boardmaker, Word and PDF formats – are visual tools to help students develop habits that support their ability to plan, organize, manage time, and understand the world around them.

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