The State of Trauma-Informed Practice in Education: A Focused Review of Literature

Ernest, B. W., Reaves, M. & Smith, R. (2022). The state of trauma-informed practice i n
education: A focused review of literature. Educational Research: Theory and Practice, 33(1), 7 – 13.

Abstract: Trauma is “the difficult experiences of life” that can affect a person physically, mentally, developmentally, and residually over time (Dutro, 2019, p. 3). In the United States, more than two thirds of children experience trauma prior to age 16 and this will likely increase considering that more than 140,000 children have lost a caregiver to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, there has never been a more important time to provide trauma-informed practices in education. This focused review of the literature presents the current state of trauma-informed practices in education and provides implications for enhancing the field.

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