CanFASD New Course: FASD For Community and Social Services Professionals Level 2

CanFASD’s newest online course went live last night!

FASD for Community and Social Services Professionals Level II is designed for frontline workers that work directly with individuals with FASD and their families. This includes those that work in financial and disability services, in FASD networks, housing, shelter and crisis supports, employment programs, and more.

Building on the knowledge from our Level 1 Foundations in FASD course, this program will: Provide knowledge and practical skills to frontline workers in order for frontline workers to advocate and provide services to children and adults with FASD, explore principles of FASD-informed support, review of basic knowledge and awareness of causes, symptoms, and prevalence of FASD, increase knowledge of assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and support methods for FASD and improve understanding of the intersection of trauma and grief with FASD.

As with all of our online courses you get one year access to course materials, online access to the course platform to complete your work on your own time, and a certificate upon completion. 
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