Phase 4: Mandatory Professional Learning

Training and professional development are key to helping ensure capable and competent FASD Instructional Coaches. Mandatory and continuous trainings serve to confirm that you as an FASD Instructional Coaches have consistent experience and background knowledge on the subject area and its practical application. Completion of the listed trainings and professional development is mandatory for all FASD Instructional Coaches and does not include Network specific requirements.

Please complete the following list of training activities within the first three months of employment:


  1. Foundations in FASD (Canada FASD Research Network):
  2. FASD For School Staff Level II (Canada FASD Research Network):
  3. Identifying Best Practices For FASD (Canada FASD Research Network):

Instructional Coaching

  1. Jim Knight: Partnership Principles
  2. Jim Knight: “What Is Your Philosophy of Education?”: The Partnership Principles in Action
  3. Jim Knight: 7 Success Factors for Coaching Programs
  4. Jim Knight: Understanding Adults
  5. Jim Knight: 7 Success Factors for Instructional Coaches
  6. Jim Knights: Positive Learning Environments
  7. Please read Jim Knight’s, ‘Better Conversations: Coaching Ourselves and Each Other to Be More Credible, Caring, and Connected’. (Your Network should have a copy of the book).

Early Trauma and Brain Development

  1. Early Trauma Online Learning
  2. ACEs & Resilience Training
  3. Brain Story Certification

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

  1. Gender-based Analysis Plus Course https://women-gender-equality.
  2. Alberta Health Services: LGBTQ2S+ Basics